MA24 Limited is a turnkey specialist design and construction company whose projects are undertaken within controlled environments.
They have worked with many leading blue chip, pharmaceutical and microelectronic companies to deliver innovative and cutting-edge projects which expand their partners’ abilities to greater heights.
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Case Study Overview

The Project

In this particular case, MA24 engaged with a substantially-sized pharmaceutical company who wanted to design and construct a new powder coating production facility in the UK. Purple Lime were engaged to assess whether the project would qualify for either of HM Revenue and Customs’ research and development (R&D) tax relief schemes.

The Review

MA24 were aware of a potential to claim R&D, but weren’t sure of the options, how to go about it or whether the project would be successful nor what costs could be claimed. Purple Lime’s specialist team were engaged to complete an assessment of the project and to understand whether it met the relevant criteria. If the project met the various criteria, Purple Lime would need to determine which costs could be included in the claim.

The Result

From thorough research and expert preparation, the result was a successful claim secured on behalf of MA24.

Purple Lime began the process by completing various interviews with the relevant individuals at MA24 who were involved in the project. The R&D specialists probed the data from the relevant accounting periods to determine the R&D costs that related to the delivery of the project.

A report was generated to provide background information on MA24, specifics of the project outlining how the project met the R&D definition according to HMRC and a breakdown of the R&D costs that were being claimed.

A full debrief was completed on the report where relevant directors for MA24 were informed about the claim that was going to be made. This in turn provided an opportunity to discuss any other elements of the project that could be included or any other projects that could be assessed.

The R&D reports were submitted with the corporation tax returns (CT600) for MA24 for the relevant accounting periods. Our specialist team liaised with HMRC on the R&D claim, ensuring it was assessed and accepted promptly. This resulted in MA24 receiving a repayment.

R&D tax claims can be complicated and rejected if not completed accurately.

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