Staff and payroll

Staff costs are often one of the largest overheads a business incurs. You and your staff need salaries and wages to be accurate and timely, and you also need to make sure you are compliant with HMRC and The Pensions Regulator. A business accountant will take care of it all for you.

Handing over to a team of experienced payroll administrators will take the stress of payroll away, by working with you to ensure any changes, new starters and leavers are dealt with in plenty of time for pay day.

With Purple Lime, you, the employer, will have access to a variety of reports using our cloud-based software, as well as someone to deal with any queries, including speaking to HMRC on your behalf if necessary.

As well as saving time, your employees will get a streamlined payroll experience with easy, on-demand access to their payslips online – no more filing away paper copies ‘just in case’.

How we can help

While payroll seems straightforward, making sure it is accurate, on time and in line with all the relevant regulations can be complicated and time consuming. Leaving this to the experts will take a load off your plate and keep you, your staff, and the authorities happy.

Payroll processing

Our modern and innovative, secure cloud-based payroll software works with the data you provide, with the flexibility to run to a schedule that suits you. Tax code notifications are automatically applied monthly, as well as real time information being sent directly to HMRC on time. Using an experienced accountancy firm ensures that any benefits you are entitled to, such as employment allowances, are applied.

Pension auto enrolment will be taken care of, including sending the appropriate communications to employees, making them aware of their entitlement. An accountancy firm will file pension submissions each month and make sure you are compliant with the pension regulator.

Purple Lime will produce clear and easy to understand payslips, P45s and P60s to employees on the day they are paid through their individual online portal. As the employer, you will also have access to all employee payroll information through your own portal with tailored reports.

CIS submissions can also be filed on your behalf if you are in the construction industry.

P11d compliance

Any in kind benefits directors or employees receive during a tax year need to be reported to HMRC. This can be a complex and confusing area of compliance, so why not leave it to the experts?

An experienced accountancy firm can help you understand what are classed as benefits in kind and what the tax and National Insurance implications of these benefits are. You simply need to hand over the information so your accountant can prepare and send the relevant paperwork (P11D and P11Db forms) directly to HMRC electronically. Your staff will receive copies either through your online portal or directly via email.

Do you use payroll to process your employees’ benefits? Then there is extra paperwork to file to make sure National Insurance contributions are made correctly – this is also something an outsourced payroll team can do for you.

To discuss how Purple Lime can make the payroll process simpler and easier for your business please call 01249 263 333 or send us an email