Outsourced finance director and business consulting

It can take some time for companies to reach a stage where they need a full-time finance director. However, every business can benefit from some specialist advice when it comes to financial strategy.

So, whether you are looking for some financial direction in the board room, help planning your strategy, or long-term strategic support, an outsourced Financial Director could be the solution for you.

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Finance director service

Just because your business does not have a Finance Director, you do not have to miss out on the skills and expertise this role would bring.  A part-time Finance Director providing tailored input at a strategic level allows you and your team to look at the bigger picture when it comes to accounting and finance.

Purple Lime have skilled and experienced finance professionals who work with you and your business, when you need it and for as long as you need it. This takes the pressure away from you as you get accurate and timely management information that lets you make informed strategic and operational decisions, without spending hours trying to gather the relevant information yourself.

Whether working seamlessly with your current accounting and finance team or providing your entire finance function service in parallel with our finance director input, we can make sure your entire finance team is working towards the same goals.

Business planning and forecasting

To be successful, any business must plan ahead. However, this discipline is easily overlooked due to the daily pressures of the business without taking the time to review data and project forward. The result is often rushed judgements, over or under-capacity within the team/organisation, or missed opportunities.

Every business owner needs to spend time working on their organisation, rather than just in it. Our business planning specialists at Purple Lime will spend time with you to find out about your personal goals, business goals and objectives, allowing you to take the long view and advise on appropriate courses of action, with the information and timelines you need to make it achievable.

With years of experience in preparing business plans and financial forecast models for organisations, our experts are well placed to help you map out and achieve your goals, even using the latest software to test your plans in different scenarios so you can make the most of your business’s potential.

Board and management meeting attendance

Presenting your business finances appropriately at meetings can be critical to the Board’s understanding and ability to act upon the information available. An outsourced finance representative’s attendance at Board and management meetings can provide updates on the financial performance against budget, and current and projected financial and cash positions. Our experts at Purple Lime can also provide strategic input at the meetings, offer a valuable point of view and interpretation.

If you are looking for investment, you need your business to be “match-fit”. An outsourced finance representative can work alongside your business to help you present your business in the best possible way to investors.

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