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Can accountancy be green?

Can accountancy be green? 150 150 Purple Lime

Over the last few years climate change has become an issue no one can afford to ignore. Our world is struggling to sustain the lifestyle we all have, and something…

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Will Brexit affect how you pay your employees?

Will Brexit affect how you pay your employees? 150 150 Purple Lime

It is the final countdown as the UK heads towards Brexit, and it is a worrying time for businesses who are already dealing with the impact of the pandemic, as…

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Purple Lime honours the Olympics

Purple Lime honours the Olympics 150 150 Purple Lime

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics should have been underway by now, but sadly due to Covid-19, they have been postponed until July 2021.  This is the first time the Olympics has…

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Joining a Wiltshire accountancy during a pandemic

Joining a Wiltshire accountancy during a pandemic 150 150 Purple Lime

Starting a new job already has challenges: meeting new people, understanding the layout of the office, learning new programmes and company rules, navigating office relationships.  How about adding to that…

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World Emoji Day

World Emoji Day 150 150 Purple Lime

Did you know July 17th is World Emoji Day?  A few years ago, that would have meant absolutely nothing to anybody. Now emoji are widely recognised as a way to…

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Keeping our spirits high

Keeping our spirits high 150 150 Purple Lime

How have you kept up the team spirit during lockdown? Here’s our story in numbers! How has your company kept going during lockdown?  How has work been? How have your…

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Are you missing your music festivals this year?

Are you missing your music festivals this year? Purple Lime

It’s summer, that usually means festivals!  Well, sadly, not this year.  This week would have been Glastonbury 2020 which would also have been its 50th celebration. The Purple Lime team…

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It’s Men’s Health Week

It’s Men’s Health Week Purple Lime

This week marks Men’s Health Week and the theme this year is Take Action On Covid19. For us, at Purple Lime through lockdown and beyond all our members of staff…

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Management Accountant Position

Management Accountant Position Purple Lime

About Us Purple Lime aim to change the way businesses use and interact with their financial data. We are the outsourced finance department for ambitious growth businesses, providing expertise from…

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Embracing World Environment Day

Embracing World Environment Day Purple Lime

‘Time for Nature’ is the theme for World Environment Day 2020, which is tomorrow – and what apt timing for thinking about the role nature has played in our lives…

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