Rise of the Machines (AI)

Rise of the Machines (AI) Purple Lime

In the modern world, Artificial intelligence (AI) is an extremely topical subject. Is there a future (with the accountancy profession in it!) without humans?

AI is rapidly changing the way in which we all live our lives which includes how we go about our work. From healthcare becoming better at diagnosing conditions to the hospitality industry delivering excellent customer experiences, AI is a tool that is quickly innovating most of our service industries; as well as creating new ones altogether.

Accountancy is no exception; through receipt scanning tools and connected bank feeds, we can already gain access to near-live accounting data that immediately improves insights and advice.

We are sure this trend is set to continue and evolve. This is why we base our entire platform around the implementation of, training on and gaining meaningful outputs from clever accounting technologies. Our colleagues at Xero agree with us, noting in their blog:

“Machine learning, for example, provides great opportunities to develop high integrity accounting. Essentially, high integrity accounting is data untouched by human hands. This could potentially eliminate data entry and coding entirely – freeing up time to focus on strategic and advisory tasks.”

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