The benefits of Xero software for payroll

The benefits of Xero software for payroll 150 150 Purple Lime

Do you find organising your payroll a nightmare?

Many companies do because there are so many variables within the working team of any business. Employees can have multiple responsibilities that are paid at different rates, and they may work part-time, or full-time, or be a contractor. Plenty of differences to cause that headache.

As we move out of lockdown, if you haven’t used payroll software before, now would be a great time to get in contact with us, and we can help you understand how it all works.

Xero Payroll’s flexibility means that during these challenging times, you can manage employees’ working hours and update statutory sick pay in line with recent government legislation.

At Purple Lime, we love working with Xero software, because we know that our clients can benefit from being able to manage everything in one place: your accounts, running payroll and even pensions.

The software gives you the opportunity to track your employee hours, absences, holidays and process your employees’ pay too, an all-round product that makes your life, as a business owner, easier.

6 Common payroll issues:

Payroll can be complicated and very error prone, which in turn can have an adverse effect on employees’ pay and ultimately, their morale.

  • Payroll can be the biggest expense for most companies, so processing needs to be extremely accurate.
  • Inaccurate input of information is one of the most common issues, which can cause endless problems.
  • Employees need to be paid on time, so payroll needs to be processed on time.
  • Most businesses have a range of classifications for their workers: part-time, full-time and independent contractors. Getting these wrong can affect tax, and benefits, such as overtime, holiday pay and pensions.
  • The payroll team need to be kept up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations otherwise they fall foul of these agencies.
  • Overtime needs to be tracked accurately so people aren’t over or under paid.

 What are the benefits of Xero software for payroll?

Using Xero payroll, these common issues shouldn’t occur. Xero links with other apps and agencies directly where needed. Also, a huge advantage is, employees can have controlled access so they are kept up to date.

  • Flexible pay calendars: You choose how often employees are paid: weekly, monthly, fortnightly or twice a month.
  • Multiple pay rates:  this allows employees who wear multiple hats to be paid different rates based on the work they perform during each pay period.
  • Built-in timesheets: Employee hours seamlessly appear in pay runs for automated calculation and payment.
  • Leave management: Track and manage employee entitlements for leave and enable employees to request information online or from their phone.
  • Statutory pay calculations: Easily manage statutory sick, maternity, paternity or adoption leave, and make the right adjustments.
  • Encrypted e-payslips: Allows employees to securely access payslips from their mobile, tablet or computer.
  • Reimbursement of expenses: Reimburse your employees for expenses at the same time as you run payroll.
  • Easy pensions filing: Send information to NEST in a couple of clicks, and create files for any other provider
  • Detailed payroll reports: Generate detailed reports for payroll history, bank transactions, payments, leave and more.
  • HMRC Submissions: Submit payroll data directly from Xero to HMRC.
  • Mobile App: Employees can submit timesheets, view payslips and apply for leave. Business owners can also approve requests when you’re out and about with the Xero Me mobile app (available for both Android and iOS).
  • Unlimited users: Invite your accountant, bookkeeper or other team members to view payroll information.

Because we are Xero Software Gold Partners and Champions, Purple Lime are highly experienced with the software. Our fees include Xero subscriptions, depending on the level of requirements of clients.