Xero Gold Champion Partner

Xero Gold Champion Partner 150 150 Purple Lime

We are extremely proud and pleased to announce we’ve been awarded Gold Champion status by the software brand, Xero.

To have achieved this at a very challenging time for the economy is a huge reward which shows the team at Purple Lime have been working hard, and that work has paid off in achieving this status.

With this accolade, ambitious and forward-thinking business owners can be assured that working with us shows that we are at the top of our game when it comes to small business accounting, outsourcing your finance department and working in a digitally smart way.

What is Xero?
When we set up Purple Lime in 2016 we were early adopters of Xero which is a  modern, responsive technology providing real time, useful financial data, and is compatible with a range of apps to help business owners access their numbers on a daily hourly or even second by second basis.

For us at Purple Lime, it is the perfect technology to use as an outsourced finance department for SME business owners, enabling them to use cloud technology to gain access to their numbers anywhere at any time.

What is the difference between being a Gold Partner and a Gold Champion?

We are already a Gold Partner with Xero, but the criteria to become a Gold Champion is different.

To move from Gold Partner to the status of Gold Champion you must have:

  1. Been a Xero partner for 12 months at Gold Partner status level
  2. Earned 20 more points in the past 12 months (points explained below) or be using Xero even more proactively for your practice (within the last 31 days)
  3. Two Xero certifications, with one being an ‘advisor’ certification

How do you become a Gold Champion?

Alongside the three criteria above, becoming a Gold Champion is based on the number of users of the software.  You receive points per user subscriptions. The number required to be a gold partner is 300 – 999. We have increased the number of organisations using the software throughout the firm and we currently have 310.4 points.

We have also shown a commitment to continuous training to keep updated with innovations in digital accounting.

The partner status also dictates which features and perks we have access to from Xero, alongside the extra value that we can pass on to our clients.

What are the Partner benefits to our clients?

As a Gold Partner and Champion, we have a personal account manager who is Purple Lime’s personal link and first point of call with anything Xero-related. They are our go-to contact and our direct line to Xero, which means we have our finger on the pulse when new technology or information is developed.

We have complete access to a wide range of support and training direct from Xero, which means our team are always up to date with the latest knowledge. This means we are also able to train others in the most effective use of Xero – even people who are not our clients yet want to improve their understanding of the software.

The fact that our staff are Xero certified, and the number of clients we have using Xero and related apps, shows how popular it is as a tool. Being experts, we can fully support you if you are considering a change in your accountant.

As a Gold Champion we also have a Xero champion designation in their advisor directory.

We know our clients will celebrate our new status with us, safe in the knowledge that our enriched access to Xero support will be passed directly onto them.

Many thanks to all of our clients who have helped us to attain this status. Now we have our sights on Platinum Champion Partner, which is the next and highest level! Watch this space!