Xero training – a good investment for your business?

Xero training – a good investment for your business? 150 150 Purple Lime

At Purple Lime, we are big supporters of lifelong learning. We believe that as a business owner you should always be looking to learn, expand your knowledge, and use that information to improve your business and your service to customers. We are firm believers that your learning doesn’t stop just because you leave school, and that anyone no matter how old they are, can benefit from training and learning new skills. But what kind of skills could you learn to improve the fundamentals of how your business runs? Our suggestion – get better at using Xero.

Why bother with Xero training?

Honestly, because Xero is a big, big thing, and most business owners don’t even know that half of the functionality exists! When it comes to accounting software, we often see business owners who know how to do the daily, weekly and monthly tasks they need, but rarely go beyond that functionality. So, there are all sorts of little hidden gems that Xero can provide for you, and it can be a gold mine of data if you know how to access it. Xero training will help you unlock that functionality and give you a much deeper understanding of your own business at the same time.

With Xero, you can see and reconcile your bank transactions at a glance, who your most profitable customers are, where your major cashflow fluctuations fall each year, improve your invoice payment days and even run detailed customised reports helping you to understand how your decisions would affect your business – before you make them. In short, by upgrading your Xero knowledge, you could gain valuable business insights that would help you make better decisions, faster, and grow more efficiently. Who wouldn’t want that?

Why use us as your training partner?

Simple. Because we live and breathe Xero. Our accounting services are all built around Xero as a solution, and we truly believe it can deliver the best results for your business. We’ve seen first-hand the power that software like Xero has, and how it can transform businesses of all shapes and sizes. We have supported business owners from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’, just by helping them understand how to use the incredibly powerful software they already use, more effectively. Our mission is to give businesses the tools they need to maintain up to date, accurate financial data, and use that to grow your business.

We can help you with:

  • Consultation
  • Set up
  • Transfer of data
  • In-depth user training
  • Application, tips and tricks
  • Apps marketplace assistance
  • Ongoing support

Our team of expert accountants and trainers work with you on site or remotely to create a Xero solution that works for you, tailoring it to your needs, guiding you through the wonderful world of Xero and helping you understand how it works and what you can do with it. And if you are already using Xero? We can help there too. We provide basic and advanced training for new team members, top-up training for experienced team members to bring them up to date on functionality changes, and refresher training to meet your changing business needs. We have a zest for Xero, and we want to pass that on to you.

If you would like to know more about Xero, how to harness its power, or what we can do to help, we would love to chat. Get in touch with us by emailing hello@purplelime.uk.com or calling us on 01249 263 333.